Sunday, 7 February 2016


We are all really looking forward to our residential adventure with P6!

On Monday morning, there will be three tables set up in the Hall, one for each class. Pupils can leave their luggage behind their class table from 8.00am then can come back into the Hall from 8.30am to register with their teacher and hand in any medication (with EE2b forms, in a sealed transparent bag please). Pupils should then wait in the playground and all should have visited the toilet before being called back in to the Hall at 9.15am. To ease congestion, parents are kindly requested to wait outside.

At 9.15am we will have a Team Talk with all staff, all pupils and Mrs Noble. We will remind pupils to take any travel sickness tablets, check all have visited the toilet then board the buses a group at a time. Pupils who get travel sick will board buses first with their partners. Day bags with packed lunch should be taken onto the bus.

We expect to board the buses from 9.45am and leave around 10am. We will stop at Gourock for lunch then take the ferry to Dunoon. Our expected time of arrival at Benmore is approximately 1.30pm.

BUS ONE P6A and P6B Boys

BUS TWO P6C and P6B Girls

Pupils take any suitcase into the building when we arrive. They will then meet their Instructors and be taken on a tour of the building and the grounds. There will be time to unpack and make their beds before tea and cake. All will meet in the Common Room for a presentation from the Senior Instructor before dinner. 

After dinner each evening, pupils meet their Class Teacher to reflect on the day in their camp diaries before getting organised for an Evening Activity. We open the Tuck Shop at this time but restrict pupils to one sweet per visit. On the first evening, pupils can look at the souvenirs on sale and make purchases on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will try to post as many updates as we can when we are at Benmore but please bear in mind that it is very difficult to obtain a mobile signal and broadband speeds are very slow.

One more sleep!