Thursday, 11 February 2016

Group 2 go through the letterbox!

This morning, the adorable group 2 worked so well as a team on their way up to the cave. Described by phil (their instructor) as a 'walk' up to the cave, we quickly realised it was more of a climb/scramble/hike up a tree covered hillside. They did so so well, turning around to help each other past the tricky bits. Lucius carried the heavy climbing rope up to the top, and everyone else was shouting words of encouragement.
Once at the cave,  they helped each other get head torches on their helmets and then descended down a steep drop to the entrance to the paper cave, also known as 'the letterbox'. One at a time, they went head first down through the small opening, sliding on their tummies and wriggling to get through the narrow space. Once in the cave (in which you can only lie down flat at all times) they snuggled up to hear historical tales about the amazing caves in the area.
Photos to follow...

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